How to restore the original EQ settings to Drop Pandas after the SoundID firmware update

So I bought myself a set of these fancy Drop Panda headphones second hand off of eBay (for half the new price). They sounded fantastic but I thought "I'll just upgrade the firmware and try out this SoundID thing." I update the firmware and I go through the "preferences" and the "hearing test" and I think "wow this is fancy, it should make my amazing headphones sound even more amazing." Wrong. After the update and setting up "SoundID" now my fancy headphones sound like hot garbage. "Maybe I did it wrong" I thought. So I went through the "preferences" and the "hearing test" again, really carefully, to make sure I did everything as instructed. Still sounds like garbage. Maybe my hearing preferences are just bad? I don't know. All I know is my headphones sounded great right out of the box, but after the SoundID was installed and the profile was uploaded my headphones sounded like trash. So I spent several hours pushing buttons on the terrible app's terrible user interface and finally figured out how to get the original out-of-the-box EQ setting back: You have to tap the top half of the app (the pattern thing), then go to "Customize," then "Create custom preset" then tap the overflow/3 dot menu, then "Reset to original preference," then go BACK one step and tick the box for "Custom presets > Personal preference." Really, man? Why does it have to be this complicated? Why can't there just be a "remove customization and reset to factory default" button?

Apr 16, 2021
Mine is stuck on the SoundID when I reset it. The ear fatigue from the app's AI settings are terrible.