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IF I Have problems with Noise...

haha... see what I did there? if I - iFi
anyways.... thought this would help some of you who are having troubles with noise/hum introduced by your AC lines in your headphones or stereo.
Noise seriously deteriorates our stereo or headphone performances ! And most of the time we don't even know ! I don't think spending few hundred of thousands on something and not getting the most of it is fair, just because of those damn dirty AC !!!!
NOISE is seriously annoying problem in all audio whether we notice it or not so Feel free to share your own solutions you found best as well.
Here is rather a serious problem solved easily:
Avi.S, JesseDYoung, and 2 others

Has anyone tried the ps audio stuff?
Littledot1+ had most from my router. Turned it 90 degree's and the noise stopped
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I recall not finding much online of I googled littldot and interference, but found more help when I googled tubed amps and interference. Curious, but effective
that is indeed very interesting. I wonder what it may be that causes the tubes to behave in that way
Jitterbug, Eitr, Gustard U12, Several iFi products will tackle the noise issue. Just wanted to post this as applying the correct solution to your issue definitely matters. This may help
have you tried all these. If so, which did you find work best and why?
I don't employ a usb-spdif converter any longer & I don't really have any issues with direct connecting USB with the TEAC UD-501... the USB implementation in my old DAC was pretty awful. Don't have hands on time with them but haven't found a lot disappointed purchasers in the ungodly amount of research I've done, have some friends that really enjoy the iFi ipurifiers. The key to tackling noise will be identifying the source issue which is why I posted the PSaudio article. If you've got a ground loop there probably won't be much good getting one of these noise eliminators or converters.