Is it possible to run the Pandas off of a DAC connected to my phone (Helm Bolt, Audioquest Dragonfly, etc.) through the 3.5 mm connection and power the headphones using onboard THX amplification? So phone-->DAC---Pandas (3.5) where DAC is not amplifying, just converting, but the Pandas are amplifying? (Phone is iOS) Thank you!


You can run the panda in wireless active mode, wired active mode via USB or wired passive mode. There isn't an analog with on-board amplification mode, nor would there be much benefit. Outboard devices will be more powerful in most cases. If you are already using one of those two amp/dac combo units why do you want to use the Panda amplification too?
What leads you to believe the THX mobile module in the Panda is any better than the amplification sections of the DAC/Amps you listed?
Apr 13, 2021
1) I don’t believe any devices were listed in my responses. 2) The question was being asked to see if I should investigate the possibility without bias, because I don’t know. If you have some material data that is tied to evidence and investigation to argue your position, I believe (could be wrong) you will find the internet receptive. 3) For me however, I am not pursuing the matter further only because it’s a binary NO, it can’t be done. Thanks again by the way.