May 24, 2018217 views

EDC Jackets? What are you wearin?

I live on the coast in Northern California and the on going joke here is if you don't like the weather wait 5 minutes. This makes a lightweight durable jacket as much a part of my EDC kit as my knife and wallet. Currently using a KUHL Double Cross and it's been great. Lightweight, form-fitting, durable canvas and has enough pockets to stash gear.
So the question is, what is your go-to EDC jacket? The one jacket that goes everywhere, goes with everything, carries your gear, and is stashbale if need be.


That's a nice perfect jacket I wish Massdrop will sell that is something I will buy not low grade junk.
I have a cheapo Columbia shell that packs down real small, I normally have that in case of rain. For colder weather I am a Carhartt man, I have had a Carhartt goretex jacket I picked up super cheap years back, and the standard Carhartt ripstop style jacket. All three have served me well, and I think combined I spent around $100 on them all.
A lot more than I paid for mine, I am a sale junky when it comes to clothes though.
I wear the Augment J3 by volante design (bit of an edgelord jacket, but the dude is chill.) waterproofed canvas and just normal enough not to get stopped in airport security.

Note- not my photo, it's the one from the stores page. It's midnight here and I'm ugly as sin.
Little too much elfin' magic going on there.