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Rolex Submariner Homage for Under $200

What's the best Rolex Sub homage watch for under $200?

I personally own invictas. The Older invictas...(pre 50+mm) and I think they nice watches. Seems every time I wear my gold pro diver someone will give a compliment. They’re not bad... not bad at all.
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Two of mine are the Gold/Blue 8930's. (I think that's the right #) One NIB (for a rainy day) and daily driver (still looks brand new) and the aforementioned Stainless/Gold 8928. I also have a Rose Gold 10938 (with a 7750 mvmt) and I bought a matching (she wouldn't interface well with an automatic) Quartz Ladies Pro-Diver for my wife. (I'm not even sure they make one for Ladies.) They punch MILES above their weight class. It seems to me that there is this one "special" inflection point in these "luxury" markets that if a manufacturer delivers too much of the goods at too low a markup, it (consciously or otherwise) singles them out for persecution. A similar thing happened to Audio Amplifier design Legend Bob Carver with his Phase/Carver Corp./Sunfire designs. After he engineered his critics into silence they still only semi-unwillingly gave him "air in a jug" credit for his accomplishments. I get that it un-employs certain types of salespersons. Not as many as they themselves might think though. I can afford the Real Submariner McCoy now, and those guys will NEVER see me in one of their shops again. The reason I can afford it is (somewhat ironically) choose NOT to do so. I might get one (for the right price) one day. But I'd have to see that price first and then have 99.44% certitude that it's not some sort of "frankenwatch". There are worse alternatives than buying an homage Subby. Keep the faith!
Well said my friend. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Lets just stop all this INVICTA shaming; wear 'em with pride--I do!
search JOMW does a good review of different alternatives.
Wearing an Invicta is like having a sister working in a brothel, embarrassing. Steinhart makes the best Homage, but they are in the $400 range. On watchesuseek you will see them for mush less. Great quality and not embarrassing.
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I agree that the Invicta Prodiver 8926 OB is a great homage. Reliable Seiko NH35A movement, decent finishing for the price, and between Memorial Day and Father's Day you might be able to find it as cheap as $70.
I own one myself, as well as the 8927 OB pictured below. I helped build a playground this week and that's the watch I reached for. Cheap to replace if something happens to it.

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That's a great looking watch. Steinhart is a bit better value than Squale, in that you get a comparable watch for a bit lower cost. It was nearly a toss up when I was deciding but ultimately I went with the Squale. I can't compare them both in person but from what I've read they are both high quality. I nearly bought the Ocean One bronze myself, but then went with a different bronze diver.
Personally I prefered the Steinhart. After watching the reviews I decided the case body and back was 'in my opinion' better than the Squale, I liked how steinhart put their own twist on it. The only thing I miss with the Steinhart is the applied indices