When are we getting better customization?

Months and months of waiting, and watching cheap Chinese keyboards from Alibaba, and even no-name kickstarted projects like Sensel come out with fully customizable programs with the ability to add and hotswap keybinds and macros. Yet drop still has not even made any updated to its already COMPLETELY outdated key mapping solution. Serious question, do they even care about the customer experience? Because so far the amount of effort I have seen equates to literally 0, if not LESS than 0 because they have not even talked about the things they DID promise were coming. I am a product manager, and have managed multiple software solutions. I am not spitting pure ignorance when I say, this is unacceptable to depend entirely on the hardware and throw the customer facing software to the side. So, when is drop going to start caring about the customer experience of their products?


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