Got a playlist for testing out headphones?

Howdily doodily audiophilerinos! I was testing out some pads today and realized that I pretty much have a standard set of songs that I test headphones with. I enjoyed the vinyl sharing lists. So here is my list of headphone testers, what is yours?
Radiohead- Maquiladora <--- If this doesn't muddy up when cranked, you have good cans.
Photay - Reconstruct <---Funky digital twists and samples.
Greensky Bluegrass - Time > Breath Reprise <-- Insane bluegrass live performance so you get to either feel like you are there, or you don't.
Rootkit - Wildfire <--- Digital feels or it is empty electric. Really is a 1 or a 0 depending on the headphones imo.
deadmau5 - I remember <--- A real classic that you either get a good trance groove off or again with bad headphones just sounds bland.
The Underachievers - The Mahdi <--- The sax, the beat, the grimey voice. Bad headphones it just sounds like a normally produced song but there is real detail in there on some good headphones. 93' til infinity feels.
Queen- Who Needs You <--- This is a 5.1 or 7.1 or 2.1 tester. Guitar left channel/ Mercury right/ nice bass and rythm that ties it together in a good set of headphones.
Skyzoo, Illmind - Frisbees <--- On a good pair of headphones the lyrics in the song are the most insane you will ever hear and the futuresound synth hook is beast. Good pair bonus is an all encompassing synth throughout the whole song. Bad pair of headphones you won't be able to hear clearly what he is saying and the hook blends into blandness.
Tame Impala - The Less I Know The Better <--- I just groove to this.
Killer Mike - Reagan <--- Will give you goosebumps on some good headphones when you listen to the lyrics and the story. Paints an incredible picture and has a distorted piano that I am in love with. Bad headphones will just be a headbobber with ill lyrics.
Talking Heads - Crosseyed And Painless <--- This touches all the bases. The singer goes crazy. You get these sporadic notes of different guitars in the left and right channels that play off each other with a groovy piano holding a beat with a beast bassist.
Fucked up - Queen of Hearts <--- On a rocking set of headphones the harmony is incredible when Sandy Miranda starts in.

Mar 26, 2021
Nine Inch Nails - Just like you imagined I use that song for everything to tune.
Dec 29, 2020
Might I add this track which I'm almost certain none of you have ever heard before? Idea 2 - Gladys I'm honestly new to the headphone thing, and tend to listen with my ATH-M40x headphones or some crappy iems. Not even sure if the M40s are considered all that good, but if I want to test a pair I usually start with that song.
Mar 26, 2021
I have been critical listening for about 40 years on everything from a Sony Walkman to stage rigs, dozens of studios to home setups that likely cannot be duplicated at any price. Don't sweat whether others find your equipment to be "good." Listen to the best you can afford to love and try everything you can lay your hands on. The first thing I learned was that, with audio, everything is relative when it leaves the source. Your ear shape, mind, and even mood will color every vibration that hits your head. What that means is that your listening experience is absolutely unique to you, and different every time you listen to a given work. Find a half dozen songs that you like enough to really listen to across at least 3 different types of music. Concentrate on hearing each instrument through the whole time it is in the song. Can you hear the squeak of the guitarist sliding his fingers on the strings? Is the bass player using a pick? What did the drunk meathead shout in the middle of that solo? Is the violin section behind on the pizzicato? Can you hear the vocalist inhale? Are the lows muddy and thick? Distorted? Listen at what I call restaurant volume. Loud enough that you could converse with a slightly raised voice. Listen with a flat EQ, or better, no EQ to start with. Once you have a feel for how that sounds, you can use the EQ to help you hear what details really are in the recording to be heard. Always pull down faders around what you are trying to hear, rather than pushing the level of the one or two that cover the frequency you are focusing on. Anything above 0db is being amplified and therefore colored more by the amp/system. Pulling levels down is more neutral and never adds distortion. Whatever detail you can hear on your current cans is the starting point; the reference. Now go find that box of crap you will never need and dig out the $3 on-ear headphones that came with the not-Sony not-Walkman you had as a kid. Blow off the foam dust, put 'em on, and listen to the same song at the same volume from the same source. When you get over the laugh factor, start picking apart the differences and trying to describe what you hear. Warm or cold? Flat? Lively? Rich? Harsh? Muddy? Distorted? Screechy? Painful? Clear? Finally, take lots of breaks. Audio fatigue is a real thing. You will hear more detail in the first 5 minutes than the next 5. Everyone is different. As you learn how to listen, you will be able to push a bit to compensate for how you start to fade, but you should only use that to get to the end of a take or session. Once the detail goes, the only way to get it back is to take a break with your thoughts on and your cans off. Welcome to the machine...
Dec 28, 2020
This post came up in my email today, though it's a bit old. Here's my contribution:
Oct 24, 2020
One of my favorite tracks to test any new headphones or IEMs I get is Judas Priest’s “Victim of Changes”. Strong bass, drums and guitar that sometimes alternate between right and left channels, and a singer who is really talented at mids and highs. The whole album "Sad Wings of Destiny" gives me a pretty good vibe of how well my newest listening device is going to work.
Aug 3, 2018
Sam Feldt-Be my lover best audio testing tropical house track
Aug 3, 2018
In addition to all the *really* great suggestions below, I'd add:
Cake - The Distance (bass, multi-channel guitar, snappy drums, metals) Cake - Short Skirt/Long Jacket (with a good set of cans this song just comes alive -- and the sneaky bass is just a treat once you hear it) Cake - War Pigs (it's just a hard-hitting song with interesting vocals, snappy drums, multi-channel guitars and cushy bass) Queen - Put Out The Fire (one of those deep-dish digs. Vocals, rocking guitar and hard hitting bass and drums)
Aug 4, 2018
I just so happen to love each and every song on your suggestion list. *high five*
Aug 4, 2018
Good call on the Cake songs! I'd throw in Italian Leather Sofa, Frank Sinatra, and Cool Blue Reason. Overall, their musical style and generally good audio quality makes for good equipment testing.
Jul 25, 2018
Pink Noise White Noise know frequency response, seek best EQ settings
Michael Jackson - Michael Jackson Akeboshi - The Audience Deep Forest - sweet lullaby Radboud Mens - Funkenkammer Ryoji Ikeda - data.matrix Alva Noto - u_07 Steve Reich - Music for Large Ensemble Pat Metheny Group - Have you heard
Jul 12, 2018
These are staples on my main rock playlist: "Let's Groove" - Earth, Wind, & Fire "Billie Jean" - Michael Jackson "Papa Was a Rolling Stone" - The Temptations "Bass Head" - Bassnectar "Juggernaut" - Zion I "Ain't No Rest for the Wicked" - Cage The Elephant "The Way You Used to Do" - Queens of the Stone Age "The Planets, Op.32 : I. Mars, the Bringer of War" - Gustav Holst "Skylight" - Gramatik "I Put A Spell On You" - Nina Simone "Spoonful" - Etta James "Your Heart Is As Black As Night" - Beth Hart & Joe Bonamassa "The Cisco Kid" - War "Keith Don't Go" - Nils Lofgren The Heavy - Short Change Hero The Heavy - How You Like Me Now The Heavy - Curse Me Good The Heavy - Can't Play Dead The Heavy - Nobody's Hero Hanni El Khatib - You Rascal You Six Def - I'm The King Kill It Kid - Run The Black Keys - Howlin For You Klaxons - Gravity's Rainbow The Flaming Lips - Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots, Part 1 Brother Dege - Too Old to Die Young Muse - Knights of Cydonia Muse - Feeling Good Muse - Uno Coheed and Cambria - Welcome Home The Mars Volta - Vicarious Atonement Deftones - Change (In The House of Flies) Korn - Freak On A Leash Trivium - A Gunshot to the Head of Trepidation Trivium - Anthem (We Are The Fire) Jimi Hendrix - All Along the Watchtower Audioslave - Cochise Rage Against The Machine - Sleep Now In The Fire Rage Against The Machine - Calm Like A Bomb Nine Inch Nails - Piggy Nine Inch Nails - March of the Pigs Marilyn Manson - The Dope Show Marilyn Manson - Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) System of A Down - Prison Song System of A Down - B.Y.O.B. Incubus - Agoraphobia Foo Fighters - Skin and Bones Foo Fighters - Next Year (Live)
Bandcamp has the full discography for 131.66 (38 releases)
Metallica/Metallica (Black Album) in DVD-A is pretty stellar and Hell Freezes over, a DTS disc, is also pretty well done. The seven bridges road bonus track has vocals and guitars surrounding you.
Jul 9, 2018
My standard test Playlist: All played on Tidal Hi-res "Teardrop" - Massive Attack- Bass extension plus female vocal checkout "So Very Hard to Go" Remastered Version - Tower of Power- brass/treble and smooth male vocal soundstage checkout "Judith" - A perfect Circle rock guitar checkout "Marigold" - J. Roddy Walston and the Business gritty male vocal and instrument separation checkout "Mr. Jukebox" - Joshua Headly- smooth male vocal and imaging checkout "The Czar: Usurper / Escape / Matyr / Spiral" - Mastodon **MQA** - This song is just a hot mess of vocals, drums and metal guitar, if a headphone can deliver this track without i feeling congested and keep the attack sharp it's a keeper "Naima" - John Coltrane **MQA from the Mono Album*** Jazz bass and soundstage checkout "Evil Dub" - Trentemoeler sub bass and decay checkout
Jul 7, 2018
Here's mine:
Buggles: I Am A Camera. Good proof for an early digital recording (short on bass). Tchaikovsky; Nutcracker Suite: Arabian Dance, and March (Neville Marriner, Academy of St Martin In The Fields). This DDD classical recording has so much dynamic range it will challenge just about any rig - and the early-digital-recording artifacts (music sheets rustling, chairs creaking etc) are excellent proofs for sensitivity Everything But The Girl: Talk To Me Like The Sea. Excellent for soundstage/separation testing. Everything But The Girl: Lullaby of Clubland: for mid and bass tests; this track is everything I Am A Camera isn't. Chris Botti: Indian Summer: good for mids and highs testing. Liane Foly: Les Parfums d'Autrefois. Great vocal from an amazing singer. Julia Fordham: Where Does The Time Go? Ditto. Clannad: Coinleach Ghlas An Fhomhair: excellent acoustic recording, with significant dynamic subtlety. Howard Jones: New Song. Jones' hard-edged synths should sparkle with the right set of cans. Ultravox: All Stood Still. Good for all-around wall-of-sound performance checks.
There's more of course but this would be a good place to start.
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May 16, 2021