Is Drop just audiophile and keyboards now?

I've been away from Drop for a year or more, and I come back to find my... Feed or whatever it is littered with nothing but headphones and keyboards. Whatever happened to all the watches and knives and other cool gadgets? I'm not even subbed to the audiophile/keyboard communities.

Apr 25, 2021
I'm partially to blame (in the way @RayF described). I only bought from Drop occasionally, never high-dollar stuff (even when it was a great deal), and haven't lurked in months. It's all good. I found a social media site that takes much of my online time now. I'll post a couple wrist shots that I owe this space..
Apr 17, 2021

"I've been away from Drop for a year or more..." he says! "Whatever happened to all the watches and knives and other cool gadgets?" he asks! I'll tell you what happened buddy; you and a bunch of guys like you, abandoned the site--that's what happened! Did you suppose MD was just gonna tread water 'till you's came back? Sorry buddy, but while you was out to lunch with the now-and-then-crowd, the big boss had what you'd call an "epiphany."
It occurs to him one afternoon that if he has to wait around for you to come back and buy a knife every year or so, his company'll be in the tank by next Tuesday.
So he hires himself some new blood--an Idea Man with a plan! That guy tells the big boss to put the skids to you's dead-beat, once-in-a-blue-mooners, for good! From now on, he says, we go where the big money is: headphones, amps and keyboards--you know; for kids!

"You know, for kids!" he says. Now think about it buddy, how many eleven-hundred dollar watches, knives and cool gadgets did you buy, when you was here buddy? Yeah, that's what I thought. You see buddy, right about now they got kids lined up around the block with fists full of cash just wait'n to buy a pair of HD 8XXs. And you know what? When they come out with the new HD 9XXs six months from now, them same kids will still be lined up around the block! You ever stand in line for a watch or pocket knife buddy? No, I didn't think you's did. Well friend, that's the long and short of it--a simple case of you snooze, you loose, combined with the hard facts of time waits for no man, all served up with a side order of money talks and--well you know the rest, buddy My advise to you buddy it stop try'n swim up-stream—join the crowd. Get yourself a nice pair of cans and new keyboard while the get'n's good. 'Cuz buddy, you don't know how long that stuff's gonna be around either!

Apr 17, 2021
Apr 21, 2021 FWIW, I bough a 'Made by MassDrop knife. And I bought 2 watches. And I bought a pair of 6XX's. And yeah, they still lost me when they got rid of everything.