May 26, 2018630 views

beyerdynamic DT 1770 amp/dac for pc

hello everyone
i am looking for a dac amp combo for my to powers those cans
-i am not an audiophile or anything i just want something that can drive them
-not looking for portability or anything its for home use
-well made i don't want some cheapo plastic to break on me
-i am not an audio expert or anything so not really looking for extra features or anything too complicated to use
thanks in advance ^^

Darkvoice 336SE pairs well with my DT990 premium 600ohm cans.
I have a Grace SDAC, but I haven't seen that dropped on MD in a while.
What's your budget?
Off the top of my head I would recommend the JDS Labs Element.
The Element is a solid choice, I use it at home. At the office I use a Objective2 + ODAC also from JDS Labs with my DT 1770's and think they pair nicely. The Element and the Objective2 + ODAC sound very similar but the element looks a lot nicer so it depends on how vain you are and what your budget is.
yeah i been meaning to get that it looks easier to use but i heard it has trouble with wireless signals is there a way to mitigate that ?