Looking to buy new keyboard with smooth and tactile switch

Hey guys, I had Durgod K310 full size cherry mx silent red (45 cN) and I find the build quality great but the switches were bit to mushy and I was accidentally pressing keys while typing and gaming much too often. So now I realized I have bit heavy hand and think maybe 60 or 80 cN heavier tactile switch is much more suited for me. I only know but yet to experience cherry mx black (60 cN) or clear (65 cN) or grey (80 cN) switches. Because that is the most common switches that is already built and ready to use out of the box. I have never changed switches or hot swapped. I think thats lot of work and hard. Can you guys please recommend me Tenkeyless good keyboard from Drop (if they do have it) that has tactile and 60-80 cN actuation force? I dont want clicky clacky switches. I game and work (typing) often. I just want to purchase and use it out of the box. Dont want change switches etc. I dont care about RGB - its okay if it has it. Thanks for your help.