May 28, 2018182 views

Soundmagic HP200 vs DT990 Premium

Hi guys Im looking at a set of these for gaming. Im looking for bass as well( not basshead levels, but to compete with current pair of Cloud Alphas) as they make gaming fun.

Also at maybe a but more money the Hifiman 400i and 400s are available to me as well.

What would suit my needs best?

Current budget would like it to be between 990 and HP200 but willimg to soend more if the Hifimans are that much better

I was not satisfied with DT990 so i bought Hp 200, depends on need and work. DT990 sound is amazing but while listing to some other music it does not play well so i did. this, you may go for HP 200 and more you can get about it at
Don't own either headphones, but looking at the graphs, they kinda have a treble spike (take note if you're sensitive to it). I have a HE400i, the bass is not really strong, but it is very tight, textured and well extended. Do note however if you're installing a microphone over the grills- it is very sensitive to anything that's covering the grills, and the sound will be greatly affected.