I’ve got a couple of questions about using the Pandas in USB mode: 1) Does the SoundID EQ apply over USB, or only over Bluetooth? 2) They seem to be limited to 24bit/48khz playback. Is this a hardware limitation of the DAC used or could this be raised in a software update, because it’d be nice to be able to play hires files natively over USB 3) I also wanted to connect them directly to my iPhone with a lightning to USB-C cable, but that doesn’t seem to work. I realise that’s probably an iPhone issue rather than the headphones, but I wasn’t sure if anyone else has had any success with something like this, maybe using the camera connection kit or something, because there does seem to be some DACs on the market that can operate this way, so again, not sure if that’s something that could be changed with a software update.



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