Is this flush enough in your ear to wear a helmet?


Apr 21, 2021
not sure about that... I've tried wearing them under some DT770's and my 1More triple driver over ears to get more isolation, low end and apparent soundstage while drumming on my electronic kit yesterday but it felt hmmm... ''cumbersome'' on my ears and I took them out to only use my DT770's or 1Mores. I didn't have time to try the same thing with my T2+ which have a similar sound signature but might be more permissive when it comes to wearing something else over them since they have a pretty flat profile. I did try the double IEM/headphone approach with my Etymotic ER2XR's and although I did get more isolation and mid range, it was quite uncomfortable. You know what, I just grabbed my T2+ and tried the double IEM/headphone thing... it was definitely even better than doing so with the T4's... The T2+ are even cheaper and have a similar tuning to the T4's. I would suggest the T2+ (not the original T2's) for under helmet and you should be good!