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IEM Recommendation to pair with LG V30 plus

I recently picked up a new LG V30 Plus. Happily for me, nearly simultaneously, Tidal started offering MQA streaming on Android devices and my Tidal App now shows "master" when I stream tracks with that format.
What is a top notch set of IEMs to take advantage of the V30's "quad DAC" architecture?
The LG "Quadplay" IEMs seem fairly nice, but are a little "thin" sounding. I like a warmer tone, with tight bass with good sub-aural extension.

Tfz king pro
Tfz king pro,i use then in my g7 and its incredible in lg quad dacs. I think because the >50ohm Its so powerful when i turn on the quad dacs
VSonic Gr07 37th Anniversary edition.
Thanks for the replies everyone. Right now I'm weighing either the GR07 37th Anniversary or the UE900s.
They are both sub $200 and that seems about right for a nice EDC.
I think the K10u is out of production. Noble website says the encore is the replacement. That is a bit more than I'd like to spend!
You haven't stated a budget so here are some that I use with my LG v20
1) Vsonic GR07 Classic - really a killer value, this is my "knock-around" iem 2) Sennheiser IE800 - bass emphasis done well, has a slight v-sound with treble lacking some depth 3) Noble K10u - I haven't found a track these don't sound good on. The hype is at least partially spot on with these.
Vsonic's GR07 37 (anniversary edition) sounds like the perfect value choice for your sonic preference. They require heavy burn in to open up though (carbon nanotube drivers)
Thanks for that. They do indeed seem to be what I'm looking for. I wonder if I can get MD to run a drop?
You can go for Westone UMPro series. If you can spend a little more, go for Shure Se846.
Sony or Beats would also match the signature you are looking for.