Ps sprout 2, or should I say Sprout 100...

So here’s my problem. I feel utterly dupped.
I backed this product(and many others) :
We basically ly financed the Sprout 2 and today the doorbell rings.... A brand new Sprout. !!
This sprout is the generic sprout 100 that just got released and is currently sold everywhere.
On top of that it’s the same price as what I paid 6 months prior to help finance this project. (599)
Not one extra sticker. Not an extra cable. Not one particular spec difference between this and the PS Audio Sprout 100 because it simply is a prout 100.
I feel like I just got shaffted, big time.
I (and many others) were expecting a product that was branded differently because it was sold that way. I was also expecting at least a price discount off the shelf Sprout 100! Isn’t that what this site is supposed to be all about... Why would you not tell us we were receiving the exact product!
Not cool PS Audio and Massdrop, Not Cool...
I was not expecting this from respectable company’s such as yours.

Jun 2, 2018
What exactly is your complaint?
How does the unit perform? Isn’t that the most important consideration?
If your that disappointed with the unit I’ll take it off your hands for $400.
Jun 1, 2018
oh grow the fuck up. If you are going to continue buying consumer electronics, get used to should have already. boo hoo...