May 31, 2018

Silencer head for OmniLight TI stove?

Any other Primus OmniLight TI stove owners interested in a silencer burner head? Primus now makes a quiet burner head for the OmniLight TI stove. The retrofit piece is available but hard to find. I would be nice if Massdrop offered this item at least once for those of use who have purchased OmniLight TI stoves
DailyHiker and 1 other

The OmniLite Ti Silencer is now available on the current drop, thanks for the suggestion! :) I included a few optional add-ons as well - service kit and stove paw
I am an existing OnmiLite Ti owner. I was looking for the silencer to retrofit the stove I had previously purchased. I didn't want to buy a second stove just to get the silencer.
Thanks for expressing your interest in this product! I'll check to see if it's available and try to get something set up for late June or early July.