Jun 1, 2018

Just a newbie in need of some help..

Just some background please skip past if you'd like its not necessary:
Well like many have warned I find myself vested in audio gear and knowledge that months ago I didn't care at all for. Initially I broke a bluetooth communicator between comp and a shitty gaming logitech headphone and was trying to replace it when I realized the piece cost as much as a new pair of the same headphones with that very piece. So I began reading around and found my way to the Sennheiser HD 6xx touted the best pair of headphones under $1000 so I had some cash and bought them not realizing there was so much more. Eventually after starting down the audiophile path like many I found my way to Schiits website and bought myself a magni 3.
So my questions now to all you lovely folk is:
1: Should I invest in a modi 2 Uber as my DAC (or do I really need one?) Im running off a Macbook Pro at times and other my desktop which I built and probably only has a shitty onboard card ... *flashback to me sitting at computer* "Sound card? What do I need a heckin sound card for. Naw" so maybe just make the Macbook stationary I hear they have decent dacs as is?
2: How did everyone start collecting Flac files ? Currently im streaming off spotify student which streams 320kbit/s. Is that enough if I choose to go no DAC route or is that just going to amplify the fact that it is not lossless (sorry I still lack a lot of terminology).
Not sure if this is useful information but my music taste in pretty all inclusive. So I don't lean toward any genre I know some are definately more technical than others so im sure some things should be lossless for full appreciation but for others can I get by? Damn the questioning oneself really never ends

I'm in with DenonFanboy, get the Modi 2; yes, cables are important, get the Schiity RCA's, a good USB and you are set for a while. Tidal student HiFi is $9.99/month, then you are golden,, you will like what will happen... Get some 24/192 FLAC of your fav, so when you get the Modi 2 DAC, you can really explore... it will be like Easter Eggs the artists left for you to find... your new HD6XX’s can take you there...
If you want to buy files, there are places like: http://store.acousticsounds.com/cat/365/Digital_Download
$9.99 a month, student, CD quality (HiFi ) Tidal: https://support.tidal.com/hc/en-us/articles/115003662825-Subscription-Types
It's a one-way data stream, no checksum, get a decent USB cable: https://www.amazon.com/Pangea-Audio-Premier-Cable-Meter/dp/B06Y1WRF26/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1527853847&sr=8-5&keywords=pangea+USB
CD's are so far from the perfect things most believe they are,, rip all you can get to FLAC and do the humpty-dumpty thing with AccurateRip, to reconstruct the files to what you never actually had, but believed you did.. good music industry marketing;) http://www.accuraterip.com/
I think u should buy the Modi 2 for the heck of it, u got everything else and all u are missing is the DAC. U will get some improvements in sound quality not to mention it will look cool under your amp. Make sure you buy Schiits own PYST RCA's as they are the perfect size and length for their stacks, don't have to thought its just a cleaner setup.