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Orbita Wall safe watch winder drop? 6 and 9 watches

Jeb Price, Duckguy, and 30 others

I'm not as concerned about who could afford these or why they suppose they'd need one, my concern is that such a collector would have dozens more watches and would soon end up with so many holes in his walls, his house might fall down. Better to just buy a nice walk-in vault.

Yes please.
Yes please 😊
I need one of those please :)
brilliant 👌
Just wondering here. How much money do you have to really spend to get a quality winder that will last more than 3 years with daily use? I have purchased 4 winders over the years and they have lasted between 2 days and 3 years of regular use. Does anybody have a winder they actually have used daily for the last 10 years or so and never had a breakdown?
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I respect your presumption, but I am still waiting for an actual testimonial.
I have had a brookstone 2 watch winder now going on over 5 years with no issue?
I would love this👍🏻