Is this worth saving 30$? As someone who isn't the most financially enabled as a teen, I budget and save as much as possible, but I'm not sure if audio should be cheaped out on.

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Apr 25, 2021
Drop is just a design makeover - the skin of the product may be different but the hardware inside is exactly the same. In this case, what you would be getting is a basically a refurbished/factory sample HD600 from Sennheiser. Any problems you would have would be with the producer of the original product. Meaning, if you don't like the sound, you don't like Sennheiser. They also got the extended warranty for this version (with extra cost at purchase of course). Basically what I am just explaining is that buying from Drop is very similar to buy the same product anywhere else. The cheaper price tag mostly is due to the different branding and skin material. (For example, the HD650 is hugely popular, but not many people know about the HD6xx - hard to find the first one for cheap). If you don't like refurbished items you should choose a new version then. Cheers.