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Hugo Boss Men's Grand Prix Chronograph watch


Hugo Boss Men's Grand Prix Chronograph Watch 17851137 £300
Anyone know if this is a good watch? i really like it and tried it on, im new to the watch community and would like to know if the watch is good quality and worth buying, thanks!

In fact, here's a post about a Seiko with a sapphire crystal:
It's a large "fashion" watch with what looks like a Citizen movement. You should be able to find something similar with a sapphire rather than a mineral crystal at that price. And maybe something that doesn't say "BOSS" on it. Two examples with Japanese quartz movements that cost less:

£251.00: https://www.watchshop.com/mens-citizen-nighthawk-chronograph-eco-drive-watch-ca0295-58e-p99945676.html

£141.00: https://www.watchshop.com/mens-seiko-watch-ssb299p1-p100021967.html
You're still getting a mineral crystal with these, but they cost a lot less. The Citizen is an Eco Drive model, so no need to worry about changing the battery. Just make sure it gets some light.