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No knowledge requested on this item but didn't know where to post. Dear Drop: I love you madly! But, don't you think you can up your margins by doing something more extraordinary with your adverstings? All are looking for something, right? I find it annoyingly challenging to search for specific product via your website. Thank You.

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Aug 13, 2021
Hi @susa6267, I’m a customer like you; not an employee of @Drop or anything like that. I was a bit perplexed by the search functionality of myself when I first started using it. I thought about what you said, and realized that if I needed to give myself tips, a cheat sheet if you will, what would I tell myself then that I know better now? I came up with the following list by asking myself this very question. My only rule to crafting the following list was that I only allowed myself five minutes to brainstorm. Well, here it goes…
  1. I’ve learned that Drop is not the best place to look for specific generic product names or SKUs as their inventory is highly curated or specialty product. For example, by partnering up with a manufacturer and developing something even better, a totally new product name is introduced on Drop! So, you gotta change up how you search a bit for those queries to be useful. MEE audio and Drop worked together and both the Pinnacle P1 and Pinnacle Px were released amongst other offerings. If you only searched for the “Pinnacle P1,” you may have missed out on the tremendous value the “Pinnacle Px” offered! They are virtually the same item, but you would have saved about $155 off the P1’s MSRP the last time that the Px went on sale!
  2. Drop’s e-mails are actually worth subscribing to and reading just to see what’s new and exciting as drops don’t last long. You sometimes don’t realize how much you would have wanted an item until the drop is over and you’re kicking yourself in butt for not finding out about it sooner!
  3. The stock rotates much faster than other websites due to the unique nature of drops. I go onto sometimes daily just to see what they have that may be new (or to read reviews and comment on some). does show past offerings, and there are far more past offerings than there are current, active drops. This is probably a point of confusion for many! To see only what’s currently being sold, open, click the ‘hamburger’ menu in the top-left on the screen (note: may vary by device) >> click Audiophile >> Click Shop >> use the Filter & Sort options when they will help >> keep looking at items working down the page until you see “SOLD THROUGHon the individual items. Stop there! Everything else is no longer in stock or shipping!
  4. Search by manufacturer name only! This will ensure non-relevant SKUs and product names are not factored into the search query. Keep scrolling down until you see items with “Ended Product” in the listing as it’s safe to stop there!
  5. The same goes for keyword-based searches. If you’re looking for a lightning adapter for an iPhone, simply start by searching for “lightningonly unless you have more information that you know will return in a search result such as a specific part number. Again, stop scrolling when you start to see items with “Ended Product” in the verbiage.
  6. If you miss a Drop, it happens! Don’t worry just yet. Check for the item on Amazon! You may pay a bit more for it (usually around $10 excluding shipping & tax), but the manufacturer or even Drop may still be selling it there! The same goes for eBay, even if it’s open box or the like! Just be careful to pick a reputable seller, purchase the Square Trade extended warranty, or whatever else that you personally feel is necessary to be comfortable with your purchase. I always recommend purchasing exclusively with MasterCard or American Express as they both provide excellent options in the event you receive a lemon!
  7. Drops that do well may come back every so often! In the three or so months that I’ve been shopping on here, I’ve seen a couple of drops return two or even three times, then again, some items may never return. You can also show interest in the product and that may help bring it back as items are community driven.
Keeping with my original five minute time limit, that’s what I immediately thought up as the most important points. I find setting a short time limit is best for brainstorming since you’ll want to get only the most important things out. Are there a few more potential pointers? Sure, but you either probably know them or could easily figure those out. So, please let me know if this helps (the OP or anyone really), and happy shopping! Cheers! ✌️
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