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Hooking up amp to a soundcard?

So I ordered the HD 6XX.
I have the Sennheiser sound card, and its main use is to produce surround sound in headphones, not amplifying power. The Soundcard says recommended impedance for headphone 16-150 ohms.

You need a sound card like Asus Essence STX (able to drive 300-600 ohms headset). You can also find an usb dac + headphone amp. HD600 & HD650 need more power than low impedance headsets (other brands or Sennheiser gaming series).
What is your question here? Are you asking if you can connect an external amp to your sound card? If so, yes, you can.
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That's why I'm poking on which connectors are on the sound card. If it also has rca outs, that's the better bet since they're more likely to be line level high impedance outputs. Not sure what his options are...
I believe OP means the GSX-1000, if so then here is what B&H has on the specs tab:
Line OutFrequency Response: 1.5 Hz to 48 kHz Max. Output Voltage: 1 V RMS @ 10 Ohms
There appears to be an out for headphones, an in for mic and an out with a speaker icon that I would assume to be the line out they are referencing. I would try it with just the outboard card/processor you have before assuming you will need an amp. Everyone's ears are different, start slow young grasshopper (@Critical50) .
150ohm will not be able to properly drive your headphones. You’ll have to amp it.