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Verum 1 First Impressions

Hey all! I'm new here as I have just recently gotten into audiophile and critical listening nonsense, and bought a pair of Verum 1 headphones as my first open-back pair. First off, the soundstage is fantastic. I've been using some Michel Jackson as test tracks and "I want You Back" sounds like the Jackson 5 is in my room. At first I was a little disappointed, the bass and sub bass sounded a little hollow out of my PC that can pump up to 600 ohms, but as soon as I installed a digital EQ program, man was I blown away. Deep rich sound with super punchy mids and clear highs, it makes funk music even funkier. Now take this all with a grain of salt as I really do not have too much to compare them off of, but I don't think that I will need to be buying another pair of headphones for daily driving anytime soon. The only downside is the wait. For those who don't know, these puppies are hand build by one guy in Ukraine. The man is working his butt off to get these out, but as an artisan product they have a pretty long production and shipping time (I live in the USA). However, $350 all in for some fantastic planar magnet headphones, you cannot beat the value. Super excited to join the community, definitely a fantastic new hobby!

Jul 16, 2021
Mmm. Happy to read this! :D
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