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Drop + HIFIMAN HE5XX Review

You can read the full review here at Headfonics! Drop bats another home run with the HE5XX, we all knew this already though. I am a bit late to the game on this one. My main concern is the lacking included balanced cable. As I say it is not a problem that it is not included, I (The audiophile reviewer) do not have a 3.5mm dual entry balanced cable to test with. HAHA! But that is my fault. I am told it improves more in balanced mode but cannot confirm based on anything but prior experience with Planars where that sentiment is in fact true as can be. The HE5XX is a steal at $220. No, it does not feel like the older original HE500, but it feels like a natural sibling to the newer models from Hifiman and if you like them, you will like this one too. I'd rate it 4/5 stars and not only would recommend it to friends but family too. Drop does great with these re-releases. This is a generalist, a great all-around usage headphone. From music to YouTube, to light gaming needs, to a portable set to walk with on the treadmill." -Michael
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