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What should I do?

I only listen to hip hop and I like bass. So naturally I was looking for bass headphones. But now that I've researched more I'm wondering if I should get an amp with bass boost abilities and normal headphones or just bassy headphones. If you have recommendations I'd love to hear those too.

IF you are an Apple user.... or you listen from iPhone or a Mac, before buying headphones or amp get a free trial of BOOM. The app for iPhone is free (I think) and the App for Mac costs around 15 bucks. try it for a week (1 week free trial) if that is not enough go back to plan A.
I don't know your budget but Campfire Audio has some solid bass-cannons: the Vega (dynamic driver IEM) and the Cascade (closed back can). My goto are Shure 846's and love them with their black filter and foamies when I'm craving something bass heavy.
Hi there
How much bass are we talking you know if you are full on basshead and have time to search out an eq I would say the JVC sz2000 for absolute sub bass but do take time to sort out. If you are in the I like bass but not the type to blow my head off then I would say either the dt770 or a B&O h6 both are slightly bass heavy but not to the extreme.
thanks man
If you like bass, a naturally bassy headphone would be better than over-boosting a less bassy can. The housing is generally most responsible for the bass levels, and a closed can will generally have more bass than an open headphone. If you boost a less bassy can you will certainly be introducing more distortion as well. My go-to bass head set is a Sony MDR 1A, if I want great sub-bass (quality, not quantity) I go with my BDyamics DT770 80ohms.
thanks man, much appreciated
You're welcome.
Should def get the Fostex TH-X00 Purplehearts but knowing your budget would help.
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Try getting the V-MODA Crossfade M-100
alright thanks man
Then you should have a look at sony mdr z7 or if your budget is lower the modhouse argon, or just both.
I would just go for quality stuff, namely a good planar magnetic headphone since only these and top flight Stax headphones can deliver sub-bass. Got a budget to work with?
In general, you should neutral amp (maybe with bass boost... or not) so you can listen to other types of music in the future. Flavoring the sound should be at the headphones.... so you can buy neutral sounding headphones in case you want to switch.
If you want bass heavy sound..... Sony would serve you pretty well. They equalize pretty well too. So with bass boost on + eq + Sony headphones..... it would be a treat.
Sony headphones are usually bass heavy. In my case when I want drowning bass I use MDR-ZX330BT. It is cheap and wireless. It doesnt feel like quality but it does feel like it will survive anything.
Good music exists in all genres, don't let curmudgeons tell you what to like. They like to shit on things they don't understand and that challenge their opinion of what music "should be". They don't understand the skill involved in creating a quality rap or hip-hop track. For the uninitiated here is some insight into exactly what makes some rappers artists... https://rappingmanual.com/how-to-rap-like-rakim/
Side note: BAD music also exists in every genre, including those that certain curmudgeons consider "real music".
Try this five-step approuch:
Step 1. stop listening to hip-hop. Step 2. stop waisting money audio equipment until you've accomplished step 1. Step 3. start saving now for the hearing aids you're going need a little later on in life (hearing loss is permanent and good hearing aids cost many times what a good pair of Audiophile headphones cost. Step 4. buy some Miles Davis, and Charles Mingus albums.
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I choose square, but if I get that itch for some predictable, middle-of-the-road mediocrity, I'll look you up.
No obla "Square" but any time you want to rise above "middle-of-the-road mediocrity" we'll all be here for you.
As I see it you can slice this a few different ways:
1)Grab one of these, most are fairly efficient so amplification won't be as big a factor: https://www.head-fi.org/threads/the-hardest-hitting-headphones-are-the-extreme-bass-club.716711/ I personally have the TH-X00 and UltrasonPro900 on the basshead side of my collection. Of the two the X00 is more enjoyable to me with most genres but that Pro900 with all forms of electronic music (that I enjoy) is pretty insane. It's been replaced by the 900i but I don't think a whole lot has changed. The Pro is NOT worth it's MSRP but can often be found 50-70% off.
2) Get just about any headphone you want + a Schiit Loki/Magni3 combo. The Loki will let you play with the frequency response with continuous adjustment over 4 pres-elected bands. This is a good option if software PEQ's various settings are intimidating. You could also start with/supplement with a small investment in JRiver's Media Center software. The headphone options and PEQ are pretty good for those who like to play around with the EQ.
3) Grab a ATH-M50x or similar closed easy to drive headphone + a FiiO Q5/A5/etc. The FiiO units have always had well done bass boosts. I have/had the E11, E12A and X3ii, all had a good implementation. This can also be supplemented with decent EQ software, I use Poweramp on Android but there are other options.
So if you don't want to buy extra gear for option 1... most of those don't need crazy amps but at least the Fostex do improve with them. If you think you will want to "tinker" with the sound, go option 2. If you need portability go with option 3.
At home I use the following for "basshead" moments:
Home: JRiver MC (rarely use EQ)>Teac UD-501>Gustard H10/Cayin IHA-6>Fostex THx00/Ultrasone Pro900
Portable: LG V20 running Poweramp>Sennheiser IE800.
I definitely fall in the "occasional basshead" category, I usually prefer neutral/natural with good bass extension and maybe just a hint of boost/good impact.
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Oh! Another unfortunate side effect of listening to hip-hop: terminal potty-mouth. Well, the only known cure is adulthood, and that's very long time away for you. Guess we'll just have to be patient with you?
Do people really still say "dude"?
The Mahogany is cheaper and has 95% of the bass. They're still bass cannons they're just a bit more refined. The Purplehearts are the bass monsters of the bunch. The TH-X00s also don't technically need an amp. They will reward one though.
If they're too pricey new check out used ones on ebay.
thanks man
them boys expensive
Get the Th-X00 Purpleheart. Enjoy your bass.
thanks brother