Massdrop HD6XX - Could You Make A New Model With The KISS Mod Preinstalled?

So Massdrop makes their own HD6XX.
Often times, Massdrop makes their own little adjustments to these custom designs. They've done it with things like the K7XX to great success.
So, there's a mod to the HD650 known to improve the sound (to the ears of most) called the KISS Mod:
Do you think Massdrop could add this mod preinstalled to the HD6XX?
Maybe we could call it the HD650+, HD6XX+, or HD6XX SE (second edition, or special edition) or something.

Dec 2, 2018
i just got the hd6xx...does this mod really make a diff in sq in your ops, for those who've done a side by side comparison?
Dec 2, 2018
Yes, it audible changes the sound (but they'll still sound like a pair of HD 6XX). Biggest change in my experience was the treble region; it's noticeably smoother. I do want to stress that it's a small change and may suffer from expectation bias. It's a simple, cheap mod to do that you can easily reverse if you don't like the results.
Jun 26, 2018
For anyone who wants this, it takes about 20 minutes (if you are being extra slow and careful) and about $15 to do yourself, as a once off exercise. Massdrop and Sennheiser don't need to arrange an entire production line for people who want this mod.
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Aug 18, 2018
Depends. The various tools and items you need are not easy to get outside of the United States, and also the tutorial on SBAF is quite vague in its explanation.
If you could do the mod for me (whereby I send you a HD650/6XX), I'll happily pay you $15 for the work, as well as all fees for parts, shipping, etc.
Aug 21, 2018
I'm also outside of the US. Ordered a small kit of Dynamat from Amazon with cheap overseas shipping. The only other item suggested is Creatology foam, and I found something similar at a craft store for maybe $2 a sheet. It's just a 1mm thick bit of generic foam with an adhesive backing. The foam is also completely not required, it's a purely cosmetic touch. The KISS thread on SBAF has pictures in exacting detail. There's even a downloadable PDF of the size of Dynamat rectangles to cut out. If you are unsure about anything, just ask on that forum. Otherwise all you need is an xacto knife and a pair of needle nose pliers, which are available anywhere. Off memory you don't even need a tool to take open the Senns. The $15 reference was just the Dynamat estimate, I assume that you should already have access to an xacto knife and pliers. Seeing as $15 is less than what I spend for lunch every day, I can't see it temping anyone past the hassles of dealing with shipping ;) You seriously cannot screw this up, it is called KISS for a reason. Edit: Fixed a couple of typos.