A mechanical keyboard that replicates or is similar to an Old typewriter keyboard?

> I want to be able to hit a key and have it work "true". I dont want to
accidently brush over or on another key and it activates the letter "brushed" accidently.
> I want want the Caps Lock not be activated so easily.
> I am currectly using a Dell that replaced a Logotech G610 Orion Red Keyboard.
I am NOT a gamer. I just type a lot, and USED to be a fast typist BEFORE computer keyboards.

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May 9, 2021
Buy a typewriter
May 9, 2021
Hello Marcus, Consider looking at the subreddit for Mechanical Keyboards. You are likely looking for a tactile switch with a heavier spring weight. I would recommend 78g Zealios if you want to replicate a typewriter feel. You will also likely want a hotswap keyboard, this lets you stick the switches in without soldering. There are many options, but you need to decide what layout (how many keys) you need first. A good TKL for the price is the Idobao id87 Finally, you probably want keycaps with some scoop to them and Drop's MT3 WoB or BoW are great choices. Now as far as the Caps Lock goes, there are several ways to deal with that. Here the options in order of my preference.
  1. Buy a keyboard with QMK/Via Support and map Caps Lock so that it does not activate until pressed for a period of time.
  2. Buy a keyboard with QMK/Via Support and use Ctrl in the place of Caps Lock and make sure you have a compatible keyset.
  3. Buy a keyboard that supports stepped Caps Lock and a compatible keycap set (usually requires soldering).
  4. Buy a heavier spring weight and spring swap the switch for the Caps Lock key (Switch opener recommended).
  5. Buy a different switch with a heavier weight for the Caps Lock key (may be difficult to find a single switch of the kind you're looking for.
There are many options and only you can decide what you like. Dan
May 25, 2021
thanks guys...and for all of your suggestions...they are all interesting, I'm not a technical guy or a gamer... Can anyone suggest a keyboard that I could just buy and not have to deal with any of this?