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Sennheiser hd6xx (massdrop) + modi 2 vali 2 schiit stack


Started with wh1000xm2 by sony nc headset. Paired with lg v30. The lgv30 is a amazing device that can play mqa flac dsd files and also has Ldac bluetooth + aptx aptx hd etc. So to anyone who says the lg 30 is bad think again.
I bought massdrop sennheiser hd6xx and plugged them into the v30 which has the ability to drive the 300ohm cans and was blown away by the sound. However at 2vrms output, classical songs needed to be at very high volume to hear the instruments better.

My lust for better clearer sound had increased and after reading much online i decided a dedicated amp + dac was needed. So i shipped a modi 2 + vali 2 by schiit over to the uk from the states. I setup the bad boyz and plugged in the cans and boom amazing. Better than my starting source the lgv30. The extra power made the hd6xx really open up i could hear everything so clear. The soundstage was outstanding and the classical song where where they were ment to be.

So im at the modi 2 vali 2 by schiit and after a while enjoying this stack i would need recommendations on my next upgrade. Most likely tube amps
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Build a Bottlehead Crack with the speedball upgrade and get a Chord Mojo DAC. Or get better headphones as well as a better amp and DAC.
I also really like the LG V30 (I have the V30plus, same phone more memory). Just as an experiment I plugged my V30 straight into the DV 336SE amp and it sounded great through some Beyer DT990 premiums. Those quad dac setups are real work horses.
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Those are my impressions with my setup.
Were you using any Hi-fi quad-dac settings?
Yeah. Warmer with on. Less so with off. Slight hiss on v30 vali2 some tracks at higher volume. modi 2 is better at higher volumes. V30 better with vali 2 at a lesser volume
The DarkVoice is a nice option if you want to explore tube rolling. It sounds great with the 6xx is affordable and has many available tube options.
I find it hard to believe I'll like the sound of more expensive tube amps over the DV, but I'm interested in finding out.
I'm curious about Bottlehead and Woo Audio amps.
If u are sticking with the 6XX, the next step up would be the Jotunheim and multibit modi.
@DenonFanboy would love to hear your take on going with multibit modi vs standard modi - as I'm about to pull he trigger and am wondering if I drop the extra $149, what I can expect the multibit to bring to the party....
The new modi 3 is pretty good
Little Dot MK II with Russian Voskhod driver tubes. Should provide more openness than the Vali 2 (at least in my experience that's what my ears heard... I actually just gave my Vali 2 away to an aspiring audiophile). The 300 ohm Sennheisers really like OTL tube amps and the LD was designed with high impedance phones in mind. I actually preferred it to my Schiit Valhalla 2. If you want to go even further I highly recommend the Woo Audio WA3. Best I've experienced with the HD600/650/6XX.
And with hd660s? Im aiming for hd800s but in time. Have you tried tube amps by darkvoice ?
I really like my HD660S' with the Little Dot, but not so much with the Woo (a bit too much noise at lower volume levels). With my HD800S' I prefer the balanced output of my Jotunheim (MB DAC module). The Woo warms the HD800S' too much and that cuts down on the openness. I haven't tried any Darkvoice amps.