HD600 and Drop O2 and Grace SDAC stack troubles.

I purchased the combo in January of this year and struggled to get any output(pops, static, sound etc.) I returned and was sent replacements of my AMP, after 3 weeks of waiting it finally got back to me. I plugged it in, tested it with no avail. So I turned to my DAC to see if that was the problem, instead of waiting through that process I purchased a second one. After receiving and testing it there was no progress made! I finally threw in the towel after a few months of reading up on it, and trying to get some community members to help.(thank you to those who tried) I am frustrated with the problems I have been having and I just want some better sound, so this is my detailed post on what I have tried;
  • I have tried changing USB inputs.
  • I have made sure it was plugged in correctly. (And sent pictures to show it.)
  • I have tried different headphones.
  • I have connected my HD600s to a different AMP/DAC combo and they work perfectly.(FiiO E10K)
  • I have tried disconnecting and reconnecting the jack with no music or software running, and gain turned on.
  • I have tried separate computers.(All windows 10)
  • I have tried replacement RCA cables.
  • I have tried just the AMP with an RCA to AUX connector.
  • I have turned the AMP and DAC on and off many (many) times.
  • I have uninstalled/reinstalled the device from my computer many times.
  • I have been sent replacements of my AMP, and DAC.
  • I have tried to ask Drop for help, but they send the same automated response.
  • I have read many guides.
  • I have read how these things work.
  • I have watched many videos on how these things work.
  • I have downloaded software and tested music files.
  • I have tried updating drivers.
  • I have tried uninstalling drivers.
  • I have tried blowing on the cables.
  • I have tried opening it.
  • I have tried throwing it.
  • I have tried talking to it.

Things I have not attempted yet;
  • Counseling
I was told this would be a plug and play sort of deal. But it has turned into a gray hair experience. I would return these things but considering it has been months, and it would most likely take a month to return these, so I don't bother. If anyone has suggestions on what I should do, I would be so thankful. Although I have watched many videos and read many articles on audiophile, I am definitely a rookie still. Knowing some of the people on this forum have been in audiophile for years I would appreciate to hear would you would have to say, and maybe get this sorted out!


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