Jun 11, 201853 views

Great thin wallet w/o RFID shielding

I'm looking to replace my bellray single fold leather wallet. I was hoping to come in and find a sweet drop with a thin modern looking wallet, but.... Everything is RFID shielded, I like to carry a proxy card for my building elevator and my public transit card in my wallet to be able to easily tap the wallet on the reader. I can't stand the idea of digging out these cards 6+ times a day. Am I the only one who DGaF about securing RFID cards?

I’ve got one from popov. Link to hand stitched version http://etsy.me/2sYv2Qo There’s a machine stitched one that’s a good bit cheaper too.
Cant remember the model, but I have a a thin leather card wallet made by Fossil that is not RFID protected, and I love it.
check out: https://secrid.com/en It has an aluminium Cardprotector which easily lets you push out cards or store cards like a proxy card in a leather cover. (like the "miniwallet")