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Why is there no Massdrop Beyerdynamic colab?

I'd love to se a Massdrop verion of the DT770 or 990 premium.
Maybe something $40-50 more than a DT770 that incorporates tech/components from the 1770? Or same thing with the 990 and 1990 series.
To me at least, the pricing gap between the DT770-DT1770 and DT990-1990 is pretty large, I'm sure MD could squeeze a lot of value into that space.

Although I personally wouldn't be in on it, it could be cool to have a Beyer counterpart to the HD 6XX and K7XX (the Massdrop Holy Trinity?). I love my DT880s, but I don't typically buy multiples in a headphone family.
I wonder if you might have better luck bringing others on board via a poll, rather than (or in addition to) a discussion post. My sense is that MD uses the poll functionality more than the boards to determine interest in things like this, but I could be totally wrong about that.
Might be surprising, but not every vendor/manufacturer feels the need to breed with MD! I'm guessing Mr. Beyer and Mr. Dynamic are in that boat?
Me, I'm still waiting for the Massdrop Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo X collaboration. If MD can bring it in at under $15,999--I'm most definitely IN!!!

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I’ll consider that a heart-felt thank you.