Dear Massdrop...
...please use less plastic.
Whenever possible, anyway.

Here's what I am saying;
The world is becoming a big ball of toxic plastic waste. Walruses and whales and albatrosses and baby seals are dying like CRAZY from ingesting plastic, kids are bathing in plastic trash-filled waters anywhere NY garbage fetches up across the ocean.... and there's an island of plastic soup bigger than Mexico floating in the Pacific.
Everybody knows this, it's the hot topic,(aside from Tr*mp, that is), so I am asking you, PLEASE try to use less plastic in your packing materials, whenever possible.
So today I received my Massdrop Pine blanket, a second one, because I loved the first one so much!
It's a soft and kind of pluffy item packed into its own stuff-sack.
ABSOLUTELY did not need that strip of 8 plastic air pillows that were shoved into the box with it.
I can think of plenty other items I've bought that really did not need strips of air pillows.
A wad of recycled paper would do just fine, if you insist. How about those recycled egg-cartony dealies?

Here's me, a Citizen of the Earth, asking you, Massdrop, also a group of Earthlings, to PLEASE. Tone down the plastic.
Ya know I loves yaz..... I just want to love you even more.
Kiss Kiss,

p.s. I haven't singled you out, my sweet. Amaz*n has gotten a chiding from me as well. And I don't love them half as much!
thumb_upZach Freeman, LevelSteam, and 6 others

Jun 11, 2018
I see you Tiffany. Appreciate the sentiment here. On a personal level, I don't use straws, I try to only use washable utensils and what not for meals, and I donate to 4Ocean on a regular basis so I also feel strongly about this kind of thing. I'm also not super close to the packaging and shipping practices that we have here, but I can take a look into it and try and get some insights. Thanks for bringing this up. :)
Jun 11, 2018
Jun 11, 2018
.... and a Bro-hug to you to go with those kisses!
Jun 11, 2018
Jun 11, 2018
Kudos to you for raising this.
Jun 11, 2018