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most headset's Audio quality is sub-par, has anyone had any great sounding headsets? I'm looking at the Siberia 800, senheiser game one, Artemis spectrum g933, and Astro a40 tr. if anyone has any experience with these, or has a better option, it would be greatly appreciate. Thanks

Excelvan Headphones. I would recommend this headset because it could play 2 to 3 hours in headphone when it is full charged.
Just picked up a pair of Sennheiser G4me One a month ago to replace my broken Plantronics Gamecon 777. Got the black version coz they didn't have the white one (which I like more) in the shop and I was impatient.
Personally 1. I lean towards open back phones because a. ventilation b. supposedly has wider sound-stage which helps with locating footsteps (I love FPS games) c. I like the flexibility of hearing my kids and wife talking to me or knowing if someone/something needs my attention if I have the volume just right, or turning the volume up to enjoy my music so I can't hear my surroundings 2. I like the comfort which these brings a. The velour earpads won't make my ears sweaty (doesn't stick on skin like some pleather or leather alternatives) b. These are light weight for the substantial power and quality it delivers in its class c. Clamping force is light 3. I like the looks and functionality of the microphone a. it looks like it belongs in a professional recording studio b. by rotating it upwards I can mute the mic 4. I prefer the cabling a. it does not have any dongle or control along the cable (don't like things weighing on my cables) c. its nice and braided but not too thick 5. It sounds a lot better than what it replaced
I also own the Kingston HyperX Revolver, but prefer the G4me One over it.
Things I hope it had or complaints: 1. I wish there's more bass. It's not that it doesn't have bass, it does. It has a very responsive bass in fact, but just not as visceral and powerful as say Beats (I also own Beats Solo HD) for example. I guess you just can't have everything. 2. Proprietary cable connection on the headset side - meaning you can't interchangeable use other cables that you own or would prefer 3. The mic is not-detachable. I'd love to use these on the go (ya... i dun care about sound leak issues) but the huge mic isn't the best fashion statement 4. The velour earpad is a lint magnet.... just have to clean often
Lastly, I personally don't like those dongles or integrated DSPs which gives you "Virtual Surround" sounds. The reason behind it is that: 1. Games nowadays, like Overwatch, supports things like Dolby ATMOS ( It essentially means: a. It already offers you "virtual surround" like sound with your stereo headphone/headsets b. if you play competitively, you are naturally accustomed to the built-in in-game settings (i.e. at competition you won't be asked to turn off DSP or settings alike if the rules are strict, and then you'd have a different sound experience than you are used to) c. It normally is more expensive if your headset/headphone is marketed with virtual surround sound (i.e. G4me One & G4me Zero is cheaper than PCXXXs) d. If you absolutely want to play around (customise) EQ settings, most motherboard vendors nowadays do include software utilities which allows it to control the onboard sound cards. (if not, then there are others like Razer Surround Pro which I am using for free now, because I have their mechanical keyboard and the software utilities supports it, and I am sure there are 3rd party free ones you can d/l for free also).
Hope it helps!
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Standard gaming headset and absolutely not worth the money. $250 can get you a seriously nice setup. The game one is considered a good, although overpriced, headset because it's actually a pair of HD5xx series headphones with a mic attached. Sennheiser makes excellent audio equipment while gaming brands like Astro and SteelSeries buy the cheapest drivers they can find, add some gimmicks, and spend the rest on marketing and game promotions. The best headsets are those that are made by actual headphone/audio companies. They're still not a good value because they're usually more expensive than the headphone + a separate mic but they perform far better than the standard stuff you see everywhere. The Audio Technica ADG1X is also an excellent headset since it uses a good base and attaches a mic. Honestly, the absolute best bang for your buck you can possibly get is a pair of AKG K7xx headphones paired with an Antlion Modmic but you'll want an amp for the AKGs. The soundstage on the K7xx series headphones are absolutely insane for the price. I got lightheaded the first time I used my Q701s. Also, check out Mad Lust Envy's Headphone Gaming guide that also covers headsets.
Unfortunately I have not had experiences with Astro products. Astro was one of the choice I was deciding between but ended up siding with Sennheiser because there are no authorized distributors in my region. Hence, if anything goes wrong I'd have to contact North America... which is a hassle. Furthermore, the amount they go for here are ridiculous (US$100~150 more than MSRP).
From the research I had done though, Astros are superior in terms of features enabled by the mixer. Their features caters for streamers (i.e. mix/separate mic inputs to output to different audience/players and ability to hear and adjust volume of your own voice picked up by mic etc.) So I assume that's what you'd be spending your money on if you choose Astros. Although I've not heard what they sound like, I believe Sennheiser's sound quality really is right up there. (If not the best, one of the best in this price range)
Plantronics Game Commander
There is a whole artical of gaming headphones on head fi. Where a ton of headphones are broken down by catagory.
What is your price range?
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"I personally have the Sennheiser PC360 (same thing as 363 except no USB 7.1) and love them. However, I have a dedicated sound card that I use for virtual surround sound.
G4ME ONE is pretty much the same as the PC360 as well, except the cord is a bit different.
What I would do if I were you is buy the PC360/G4ME One (whatever it is) and grab a Asus Xonar DG/X (DGX is for PCIE slots, DG is for PCI slots). Make sure your mobo has a free pci/e slot to plug that bad boy in there. Not only would you save a few bucks, but the audio quality is much better on the dedicated sound card."
A little more info I found.
Thank you