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Good IEMs under 50$

Looking for a pair of everyday IEMs. Possibly something with good bass

It sounds funny but I love the Marshall Mode non-EQ version. Fairly neutral with nice natural boosts in the sub-bass and mids (where vocals and guitars reside) and a reasonably smooth yet detailed treble. For the price haven't heard a better IEM to my ears.
Zero Audio Carbon Tenore sound great for under $50. They are also small, light and comfortable to wear.
Hifiman Re-400, 48$
What you want are the ATH-IM50. 100%.
Get the ATH-IM70 if you can get to ~80 bucks.
The KZ with a 1DD and BA sounds good if you're looking for cheap iem, Vsonic Vs3ds, ttpod t2, are some oem iems I would recommend. I'm currently on ttpod t2e which has dual ba and 1dd and it sounds comforting for me as a daily use iem. You might actually want to look at some brands like alpha and delta entry levels by lendmeurears, they cost about 30 and has the value of 80 bucks in ears.
Last time I looked you could still find the UE500 for less than 50. They've been discontinued for a while, but it's the only thing I've found for around that price point that I can stand to listen to. It's not bad if you can find it.
Mee M6, have bought 4pr now. Gifted 2 pr, kept one as backup. ordered two more pr in recent drop, also being gifted out this XMas. For everyday wear and not being worried about loss or breakage, due to low price. I'm also a fan of the thinksound iems...
The best buy right now I think is HIFIMAN RE-00, however 'typical bass' may require some comply tips and possibly sealing one of the vents on each ear piece. These iem's sound great out of the box, and are very neutral sounding. The two recommendations above soften up the highs a bit and accentuate the bass.