IEMS with great sound stage and imaging/articulation <$300

Total noobie but thank you for reading, Only headphones/IEMS I've ever owned GEN 0 Astro A40s, and Tin T2s. Both are dead/dieing, so I'm looking for a replacement/upgrade. I don't know if it's possible at this price point, but my main use case is being able to identify the sounds in my current environment when a lot is going on. And be able to track them correctly. Like, oh there's footsteps close, they're above me and trying to get behind me. While not losing it in stuff that might be happening farther out, a gunfight down the street for example. I'd like a neutral sound signature if at all possible. No amp preferably, I plug in my headphones into a GO XLR Mini if that helps. BTW I'd prefer IEMs, cuz I hate that bald spot thing on my head after wearing headphones for a while. I don't know if discussing products not offered by DROP is allowed on here, but please shoot me a message if that's the case if you have a recommendation! Any help is appreciated thank you! Harvee

May 16, 2021
Ikko OH10 and Tri i3, both have great soundstage.