Massdrop x Intern: Modular Adaptive Carry Standard


Techwear and The Intern For those following fashion communities, either through celebrity inspiration, magazine headlines, or forums like &, it’s been hard to miss the rising trend that is Techwear. Established at the crossroads of technical outdoor apparel and streetwear fashion, Techwear centers itself around the pinnacle of style paired with function to meet whatever life has to throw in your path. A community that represents the best of both the outdoor and fashion worlds, with extremely educated consumers who understand high quality and what technical outerwear and accessories should be.
The Techwear Intern showed up online February 2018, an enthusiastic young designer working as an Intern at a Vancouver based fashion design firm, holding the lowest title in the industry in order to gain exposure to the process behind bringing fashion products to life. Today the Techwear Intern is acting as the poster child for the new generation of future focused style.
His 30-day DIY Techwear Design Challenge was posted to fashion and streetwear communities with incredible response, as users from around the world gathered to watch him complete a new project every day for a solid non-stop month. From concept to finished sample, in his under-equipped studio and in an impressively short amount of time. Hes been blowing the industry away with his bag and apparel concepts, quick develop timelines, and innovative patterning ever since.
His challenge had him produce everything from duffelbags to backpacks, softshell outerwear to ballistic gear, ending on Day 30 with his most impressive feat: the lightest waterproof jacket in the world! Made from the Intern's innovative one-piece patterning approach, using a technical and highly elusive Dyneema WPB composite material, the jacket manages drawcords, adjustability, 4 pockets, full zip, and a hood - while still weighing under 3ounces!
After 30 days, The Intern went from unknown to hero in the techwear space, receiving countless job offers, opportunities for collaborations, and requests to buy his results. Committed to driving forward innovation in not only the design, but also the manufacture of products, he is already working on projects with some of the biggest brands in the industry to create products based on the idea of adding value though considered design.

Massdrop x Intern Collaboration During the 30-day challenge, Massdrop and the Intern connected and began to discuss the possibilities of working together to release some of the products the community was demanding most. Massdrop was drawn to the Intern based on his innovative, industry-driving concept of rapid prototyping and design, while the Intern was drawn to Massdrop as being the best possible platform that could get his products to market in the shortest amount of time without compromise. Now - by powers combined - they work to redefine what it means to drive innovation in a wide variety of product types through rapid prototyping, detailed knowledge of product development, and in-depth consumer interactions. Massdrop has been working with the Intern with on-site visits and extensive communication to set up a long-term plan for product launches within Massdrops' Accessories and Apparel communities, with crossover into Outdoor and Ultralight.

The first of many products we plan to launch with the Intern is an entire modular system of carry accessories built with a nowaste manufacturing methodology. All products work together to create a system of compatibility the Intern has called the Modular Adaptive Carry Standard, or MACS for short. A standard we hope to grow with ongoing community input to ensure the accessory pouches, everyday carry backpacks, duffels and more continue to evolve with endless backwards-compatible configuration possibilities.

Starting in June 2018, this product line will be made available through a flow of drops, beginning with the first series of nowaste modular pouches, working upward to items such as laptop and tech sleeves, slings, packs, and travel organizers... with much more beyond!

Drop 1: Massdrop x Intern Series 1: Pockets & Packits The first drop will launch in June 2018 and will consist of Center-Zip Pockets and Carry Packits ( These are stand-alone products, which integrate fully with all MACS compatible products now and in the future (they also attach anywhere with 1in webbing connections, such as the MOLLE, PALS, and ARKIV and TECSYS systems too!). The MACS system will be featured in a number of future planned drops to allow for full user-customization.
The Intern's nowaste Pockets and Packits can be used to lug around everything and anything. From basic everyday carry, to pens and drawing supplies, cords and power bricks, tools, clothes, lunch... use 'em however you see fit. The super burly and water resistant build stands ready to haul whatever you can fit inside!

The Carry Packit comes in Four sizes:
Small - 6 x 9 inches
Medium - 7 x 10 7/8 inches
Large - 9 x 13 1/2 inches
X-Large - 10 x 13 1/2 inches
The Center-Zip Pocket comes in Three sizes:
Small - 3 x 7 3/4 inches
Medium - 3 1/2 x 9 inches
Large - 4 x 10 7/8 inches


  • Consistent design, compatibility, construction methods and materials selections.
  • Dimension Polyant X-Pac VX-07RS fabric with a durable water repellent treatment (DWR), the gold standard for lightweight, durable, and waterproof textiles.
  • High-quality durable Nylon webbing and MOLLE connections sewn with heavy duty bonded thread.
  • Woojin buckles and hardware made from Acetal - a crystalline polymer bridging the gap between metals and ordinary plastics with excellent performance.
  • USA made Lenzip Raindefyer zippers with attractive MATTE finish outperform the competition in every measure.
  • Designed in Vancouver, Canada for

Future drops with endless backwards compatibility! Nowaste laptop sleeves / tech pouches / slingpack / roll-top citypack / travel organizers... and a wild new technical approach to the timeless concept of the Dufflebag are all slated for summer/fall 2018! And if you have ideas for MACS compatible products with specific sizes or use cases that you would like to see added to the line-up, then we want hear from you so we can grow even more features with future drops!
In addition to introducing the community to the Intern and the MACS approach to organizing your life on the move, we want to open up discussion for future drops from the Techwear Intern! His approach to design and rapid development gives us the opportunity to work with the community to drive the techwear and fashion industries forward through collaboration, which makes the Intern's design unique to any other brand in the space. Please share with us below your thoughts on the collaboration thus far, the techwear industry and what it means to your lifestyle, and of course tell us all about your own suggested projects that you'd like the Intern to bring to life alongside Massdrop.
You can expect more Massdrop x Intern drops outside of this modular system showing up in Accessories and Apparel in the not-too-distant future!

Thank you for supporting my first release :) This is my very first project of my own, however I stand backed with the support of not only Massdrop itself but also the mentors and industry partnerships established during my internship in Vancouver. The full support and knowledge of a team of industry veterans with great experience under their belts on how to manufacture high-quality goods and fulfill reliable pre-orders.
In short, The Techwear Intern has come a very long way since my internship and I've assembled a strong team and the guidance of people who know what they're doing, and you should be very confident that we will deliver what we say we will, when we say we will. And should unforeseen issues come up, I will handle them with the utmost transparency and care for you, the community who made all of this possible to begin with.
I'm incredibly proud of the supply chain I've established with Massdrop, and have a lot of confidence that we can make what we say we'll make, when we say we'll make it. But know what? Sometimes tragedies happen, ships sink, containers are lost, or unanticipated delays arise. We've padded our schedule for these kind of things, but sometimes it's not enough. Whatever happens, we'll be upfront and open about and we'll get through it together, I promise!
-The Techwear.Intern

Mar 21, 2019
how do you order the center zip pockets separately
Nov 8, 2018
Is the rain jacket still available? Looks like a good call for we who work in the Tropics.
Nov 2, 2018
Hey Intern I really like what you've been making ! And I was wondering whether a ballistic backpack, Like on day8 of your challenge ? Best of luck with the future production
Oct 4, 2018
Super excited for all that may be to come! I want it /all/ hahaha One thing, though, perhaps design a bag or panniers with those in wheelchairs in mind? I mean they could be adapted to able-bodied folks as well, but I find trying to sling a backpack on the back handles of my chair.... doesn't work very well lol. Either it hits the wheels (and the friction wears them out /quickly/) or throws the balance off so badly it tips me backwards and slides off the handles altogether! Perhaps the bandolier will work well enough, but just once it'd be nice to have something designed with the handicapped in mind.
Also, the timeframe said something about summer/fall 2018, and the 1st drop only has 16 days left. Can we expect a 2nd soon? :O
Sep 5, 2018
Here's an idea for something useful; make MACS bicycle panniers that can convert into a backpack! I guess that all you would have to design more is some way to attach your own system to the bike baggage rack. Idealy it would either be fixed in a thiefproof way (to be left on the bike), or be very portable so you don't leave any parts on the bike, being removable quickly enough (but bot falling while driving around!!). Most bike panniers are a pain to carry around, because of the attaching hardware hurting you when you take them with a sling, so the problem to solve lies in this part.
Good luck! - Simon Champagne
Aug 21, 2018
I really want a MACS-compatible backpack - A main compartment with backpack straps that you can add other MACS products to depending on what you're doing. Like the Laptop-Folio, but bigger and beefier and MOLLE-er. In the mean time I'm thinking about throwing Packits and Pockets (when they ship) on this guy: What do you think?
I'd also love to see a MACS-compatible lunchbox . I'm thinking about MOLLE-fying this little guy
Thanks for all your work. You've been a huge inspiration for my new Techwear/EDC lifestyle.
Jul 5, 2018
This is a great beginning and I’m excited for the future of how this partnership evolves - especially if it produces a lightweight rain coat. Cheers.
Jun 23, 2018
I can finally stop wearing a drawstring gym bag when I ride my OneWheel 😂
Jun 17, 2018
Bravo, Intern! Do you forsee a system or even a time in future when we, as consumers, would be able to piece together distinctive and personal quality garments from components...? Perhaps a tablet that you would perhaps give or select parameters (pockets, pouches, etc.) on that would assemble or arrange these components from some kind of central ‘closet’? Kind of like those specialty yogurt!
Jun 14, 2018
Extremely exciting opportunity for both the Intern and Massdrop. I'd especially love to see a take on a camera bag, since I think from a use-case, it's one of the most specialized and in demand items on the market. It'd be a really good challenge as well as an opportunity, I think!
Jun 15, 2018
@Techwear.Intern I saw you posted a beleeted comment to me, which is fine ;). I'll add a little detail on actual camera-bag issues (specifically, backpacks) for you to think about.
There's a lot of hybrid camera bags on the market today, things that use fidlock style attachment points to create a suspended camera cube (for example, the ITR One backpack, or the Blackember Citadel). There's also a lot of camera bags which use fill-in camera cubes which can be removed and turned into their own stand-alone camera carrying units (the Prima Boundry's camera unit, for instance). I'd imagine that if you took the camera backpack challenge, you'd probably try to focus on what most of these hybrid bags are attempting to do: Mix "camera bag" with "effective EDC".
As someone who has experience with a *lot* of different camera bags, for the most part? These bags suck as camera bags. There's a few reasons, but camera bags, to be actually functional and not just "padded areas to put a camera", need to be designed as camera bags first, and other bags second.
Camera bags have 4 unique challenges: 1. Space / Capacity -- Unless you're walking around with a mirrorless camera and a prime lens, or maybe an APS-C, many camera bags which have cameras as the after thought have poorly designed dimensions for 70-200 2.8 length lenses, or even a collection of primes. At best, they add a lot of padding and weight for the ability to bring maybe a single body with lens attached and an extra prime. It's nice as a feature, but it's not what most photographers want out of a camera bag.
2. Access / Security: Another place a lot of these "camera-bag second bags" have is that they don't have convenient ways to quickly access your camera. If you're into street, nature, or other sorts of fast-response photography, these bags don't cut it at all. Most of them have no dedicated access for a camera slot that would let you quickly pull it out. Combine that with 1; even if they *do* have a quick-access area, is it large enough to be able to easily pull out a full-frame with a battery grip? Often times, the answer is "no."
Ok, so you've got a quick access zipper. Can you ensure it's secure and your camera's not going to get stolen? That's an issue rarely, if ever, addressed. Photographers *also* tend to want back-zip camera bags, so that the zipper lays against your back, and when you open it up, you can get full access to all your gear. It's also more secure that way! And your back doesn't get dirty when it's time to throw your backpack back over you.
3. Comfort: If you've got 1 and 2 going on, you're making good progress towards being a great camera bag! But now you've got the capacity to handle a lot of weight -- you need to make sure you can carry it comfortably, high on your back. Most camera backpacks don't have load-lifters at all, and a lot rely on (unattractive) hip straps. I think optional hip-straps are basically a must, but it's possible to carry 15 pounds comfortably without them -- I'm not sure why camera bag companies haven't looked at better harness and frame systems.
But a backpack that can do that rarely has..
4. Style: Let's face it, most camera bags look like total ass. It's extremely difficult to hit 1-3 and still make a stylish looking bag. The Peak Design Everyday Backpack is good looking, but shelving units are inherently a space-waster, and small objects thrown in the top can quickly get lost. The Wandered PRVKE camera bag also looks good and hits a lot of these, but gives up being an effective EDC because of a lack of an internal organizer.
Anyway, I wrote a lot with no guarantee you're going to read any of this, and I'm sure that someone as talented as you are definitely knows what they're doing, but just throwing out my observations on the market as it stands :)
Ready every word! Incredible insight and feedback. I'm saving this to my design notes file for later! Thank you very much.
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