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Want to buy a DSLR under $511.18 and learn some serious photography

Hello everyone,
I am a complete (and by complete i mean literally complete) noob in photography, but in recent one month i went to a lot of new places nearby, discovered things, places; met new people....now when i got back in office sometimes those images and memories clicks in my head and i kind of smiles every now and then.
Though i have those images and moments in my head but sometimes it becomes difficult for me to picture the exact same moment in my head due to workload.
So now i want to have some real and serious photography skills and knowledge. I am thinking to do it by buying a good DSLR but due to my low income i can only invest my one month of salary which is $511.18 to be exact.
Can you people help me out by first buying a decent and good DSLR in this budget and then guiding me towards some good tutorials/reads on how to learn it easily and somewhat quickly.
I would highly appreciate that.
Thanks in advance
Yours well wisher

Why do you want a DSLR?
If you are okay with used items, you can get yourself a used Sony A77 off eBay or someplace else for about $490
also dont disregard micro 4/3rds cameras from Olympus and similar mirrorless from Fujifilm. They have come a long way in the last few years.
@Calaverasgrande Thanks man...appreciate the help.
I'd look for a used APSC sensor DSLR. If you are just getting your feet wet you won't appreciate or need the difference between this years camera and 2014's. The Canon T3i is a good beginner DSLR you should be able to find used for half that amount. The 50mm f1.8 'nifty fifty' lens can be had for less than $100 used.