M4U 8 Wireless Overear Headphones

I’m not gonna come in here and use a bunch of big audiophile terms I don’t quite understand. I love these headphones. I owned a wired pair of the M4U and they sounded and still sound great. The headband on the previous pair broke probably because of this “pop” open effect when you unfolded them. The new ones don’t do that. Much better design. The sound of these wireless ones isn’t all that bass-y compared to other brands. They are very clear. I’m a huge Dream Theater fan, so the test was listening to their catalogue and hearing new instrument phrasing, fingers on strings. Etc. They are IMPRESSIVE. I’ve had them a month. The company is Canadian. The battery life is good so far. I’m not big into ANC so I can’t really speak to that. Would recommend.


May 25, 2021
I bought a set of the M4U-1 from Ebay -- factory refurbished with all the extras including original packing and extra set of ear pads. $99 and free shipping IIRC. They appear brand new. Only issue is the headband fake 'leather' is cracking off the fabric backing already after 2 months! It took them a good week to break in, but now the overall sound is full and warm, highs are soft and slightly rolled off like my Meze 99 Classics but that helps them IMO given how bright a lot of modern recordings are. I think they're heck of a good value for less than a set of Beats Lol