selling 40% dust cover i bought by accident. unopened and still in box it came in.

i was looking for my 65% and typed in google for a dust cover. this was the first page that popped up. having typed in 65% keyboard dust cover, I assumed my searching was done and all i had to do was click 'add to cart' and check out. the package had shipped and was delivered within days of having ordered it, except there was one problem. Not realizing they had different size dust covers, i had unknowingly bought a 40%, rather than the 65% that i needed. I sent them an email the same day and requested info on how and to whom i should be sending this back to for a refund. i received a response the next day with this response: After reviewing your order, we are unable to facilitate a return for the mStone Acrylic Keyboard Dust Cover as we only offer returns for items that arrive damaged, defective, not-as-advertised, or are missing components. 

When select runs are completed, we submit the group's order to the vendor up front. This is how we’re able to deliver the best value to our members and is also why all sales are final. So unfortunately, i am in the possession of a 40% dust cover that i have no need for. if anyone is in the market for a 40% dust cover, please feel free to reply to this review. the case hasn't been opened and is still wrapped in the bubble wrap it was delivered to me in. I've since ordered the correct size and look forward to receiving it in the next few days. I'm selling it for the cost of the cover. i'll pay for shipping. Thanks -Philip


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