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Morstone Custom 96% Mechanical Keyboard Kit by Moryee

ChuckDee, Nate Maxey, and 21 others

Really beautiful but the price... XD
Great looks, nearly everything I ask for a 96%. But the connector is hard to have in USB fashion and the price....
no top down photo???
How much will it be?
wait, 532 USD? really?
Certainly a unique design, although the color limitations aren't impressive. Lacking a lot of information, unless this is exactly the board that someone linked from kprepublic.
Gamer aesthetic done right.
Could I please have an ID on the black and red keyset?
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Doubt it's made for the board seeing as they have to use a blank for the right shift and a random novelty for the numpad 0. Most likely just a random set they had hanging around as there's ocean dolch on the blue one.
DCS diablo in Chinese. Sorry that I can't confirm it's exact ID.
it does look exactly the same as the one on that other site, i wonder why massdrop is trying to sell this aswell ? its not a hako/halo switch.
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only my first sentence was being serious. ha-ha. not funny jokes don't work well on the internet.
Haha, my bad. I read the one below, then read half of yours. :P
Maybe this person is trying to get it sold here in Massdrop for a lower price? Wow that is pricey at kprepublic though.
Yes that's it. Moyan is the name just came from Chinese.
What's that 5 pin connector? Why not just use USB-C and make life easy for replacement cables?
if i had to guess it's a magnetic usb dealio
That's just a magnetic usb dealio. We just consider about using USB-C.But due to over 200 rgb beads we use, we just need this to fulfill electricity supply and fit our case design.
Looks awesome. I read there is polished copper and CNC milling. Would it be possible to list the component materials that make up the board?
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Yes, plate, top housing, bottom housing, weight (if available). I was curious what materials composed the keyboard. Also what options you were considering for when the group buy is live. Thanks!
There no top housing , bottom housing is made of aluminum and colored acrylic inside(yellow one as you see).
Amazing product! Keep it up!
Glad you like!That's really great encouragement for us.
Super cool looking. Reminds me a bit of ironman..
Aha,Just the same color. And it's inspired by stone and lava.
That there's eXtra as fuuuuukkk. I like it.
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Link to the poll?
Get it!Thanks