Jun 20, 2018

remotely connect to amp?

Hey guys
I have a good amp that's away from my desk (around 4m straight line without anything in the middle). I recently got a pair of HD650s and I'm sure that my amp is able to drive it. My problem is that if I wanna use the amp and headphones at my desk I would have to run two cables that will need to be around 7-8m to the amp and back, which is really annoying. So my question is: If I wanna use my headphones on my desk with the amp, what should I do other than run two cables through?

You are gonna want a balanced DAC and amp and XLR cables to connect them.
What are you using as a source? Pc? Mobile? I use Google chromecast audio with Spotify works fine.
I'm using PC. The thing is, if I use chromecast audio on my with my PC I still have to run headphone cables from the amp to my desk right?