Jun 23, 2018

Foster v. Kaiser 10

I am trying to decide between the aFostex TR-X00 & the Nobel Kaiser 10 IEM. I like both and believe both are compatible with my listening practices. Any suggestions?

One is small IEM suitable for mobile on the go use, the other is a large over-ear best for home use. SO I guess your intended use will very important here.
I have a TH-X00 Ebony and it's pretty good, Hi-Fi bass head headphone. Even though it considered the most refined of the line I wouldn't want it as my only headphone. It fun and bassy, but I find the mid range a bit recessed (just a bit) and missing the nice inviting vocals of some of my other headphones.
Never heard the Nobel K10, but it seems to be a nice all rounder and given the choose I'd likely choose it for it's over all versatility and mobility. Plus having never heard it, it's a mystery I'd enjoy solving.