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Are There Any Good Wireless Mice?

Im looking for a good compact mouse for my portable planck and raspberry pi build I need something small and reliable I dont need a perfect sensor or anything like that as the only games ill be playing will be 8-bit. pls halp and thank you. <3
AlexPk and ltopper

Logitech MX Anywhere 2. The sweet spot all rounder mouse for portability. I use one myself, pretty sure you'll welcome it if you get one. The hyperscroll mouse wheel is also a big plus for scrolling of you've ever felt a drag from daily scrolling.
I am using the Logitech MX Master Mouse on my Mac Pro and it has been nothing but awesome. The fit and finish combined with the style of the mouse makes it great for anyone looking to upgrade.
I used to have the Apple Magic Mouse which was not very comfortable after using for hours.
I would recommend the MX Master if you can afford it.
The G403 wireless is supposedly really good, albeit a bit pricey at 100 usd. Roughly the same size as the g900 but with a safer shape.
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Logitech 900 Chaos is the single best tracking option, although it is expensive as hell.
If you want a really reliable wireless mouse I would recommend the logitech 602. Hasn't failed me yet.
if you are playing 8 bit games you dont really need anything special, just pick up whatever you can for around $30
That isn't true at all. There are very good wireless gaming mice now days. Although, you get better performance for your price with wired mice. The logitech g900 is a good mouse, which it better be at $150. Here's a review from linus tech tips if you want to check it out.