Which Ohm version for DT 770 ? (Home use, music listening and gaming)

Hi! I was wondering which Ohm version of the DT 770 I should get. I'll be using the headphones for gaming and music listening. I really like bass and I don't really care about explosions in-game. If you tell me to get a 250+ Ohm version, please tell me which amp and dac I should get. I have a $225 usd budget (for amp/dac not for headphones and I gotta count the shipping ($35-$48 usd)). I also heard that the 80 ohm is easier to run and it's better for bass. I currently have a Behringer U-Phoria UMC22 for my At 2020 and I was wondering if it could run the 80 ohm version as well? (that's the version I'm going for if I can't find amp/dac + shipping for $225 ).
Thank you very much !
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