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Is a UMC22 good enough for DT 770 Pro 80 Ohms

Hi everyone ! I'm going to buy the DT 770 Pro 80 ohms headphones and I wanted to know if it needed an amp/dac. I currently have a Behringer UMC22 for my AT 2020 XLR Microphone and I wanted to know if it was also enough for the DT 770's. If not, can someone recommend me an Amp/dac combo or not to go with them. (I don't want to be overkill since I'm not going to be upgrading anytime soon)

Would this amp work with the DT990pro 80 ohms as well?
I am currently using my DT770's without an amp as it was making some weird background noise and the sound was really low. My headphones are currently plugged to my motherboard directly (Aorus Z370 Gaming 5)
Hi there
The dt770 80ohms are not very hard to drive so I imagine the headphone output will work fine. As for the sound quality I imagine it will sound fairly good I wasn't a huge fan of my Yamaha mixer headphone out(because that is not it's primary function) I feel a dedicated amp would be better but for the time being you should be set.
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Hi there
I have owned the SMSL M6 and it was a step up yeah I think it was more about the dac in the M6 than the headphone out. As for an upgrade path I would certainly look at Schiit products, they get rave reviews and must be for good reason I myself haven't owned any. I am sure you will be happy with the output on the UMC22 but know that you can always upgrade in the future when wanted.
Alright tyvm ! :)