Jun 27, 2018145 views

Best Gaming Headset for under $200

So I have the HyperX Cloud Alphas and IMO they are pretty good because I haven't used anything super amazing. I kind of want to upgrade soon and my budget would be anything less than 200. I don't have an external amp/dac because I just use my motherboard which is the Asus Z170 pro gaming which says it has a 300 ohm amp in it and it can get my cloud alphas really loud which have an impedance of like 65ohms. One thing that is a need is no leatherette ear pads, velour would be preferable.

Beyerdynamic DT 990 (770 for closed back, 880 for semi open)/Custom Game (you can get velour pads for them on Amazon), AKG K702, AudioTechnica AD700x/AD900x (you can get velour pads for them on Amazon, too), the Sennheiser PC37x use drivers from same family as the 598/600 so its worth a mention imo. This is just a list to add to the above mentioned 598 (which are great btw).
Sennheiser G4me Ones
Sennheiser HD 559 or HD 598 or HD 599 (whichever fits into your budget) + Antlion ModMic uni directional.
I was going to say that as well. Yes get a good pair of headphones and a ModMic 5. The Sennheiser 598 is a great recommendation from Rhamnetin .