Wondering why the ship date is so far out, the Dekoni website has this item on there. Is it because this item ships directly from Drop that it's shipment date that far out?

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Jul 7, 2021
Basically for items like this Drop acts as a crowdfunding source -- Drop gauges interest in a product by making it available for "pre-order", and then ships the work order off to the manufacturer at a later date to be filled. What this means is that Dekoni Blues that you purchase elsewhere are old stock that probably haven't been produced in any meaningful amounts in a year or two, what you get from Drop is items that were made to order, and when it gets to you it's as fresh out of the factory as anything like that is going to be. That doesn't mean the old stock is bad in any way, and since some old stock probably still has the second pair of pads you might actually get a little more for your money if you spend less than 240$ USD on it, but for some people the "freshness" can offer peace of mind -- like the parts weren't sitting there getting old and deteriorating before they got to you kind of thing.
Jul 11, 2021
Indeed, thanks bud!