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Most Comfortable Over-ear Headphones?

What are your go-to headphones that you can wear for long periods of time and forget you're even wearing them?

Phillips SPH9500
TH-X00 headphones (any of them) with Alpha Prime ear pads. So ridiculously comfortable.
The HE-350's with Ether-C ear pads and the headband stretched out a bit are also crazy comfortable. But these headphones also require significant modding or EQ to sound really good.
There are a lot of comfortable over ears. Most of the more expensive headphones are going to be pretty comfortable.
I find the Beyerdynamic DT-880 Premiums to be super comfortable. I also just got a pair of Hifiman HE-400i's, and find them to be great too. Large, soft pads and relatively low clamping force.
Open back headphones are typically more comfortable than closed back because they allow your ears to breathe a bit (I had a pair of HD-280s at a previous job, and they sounded nice but got super hot after a while).
I also tend to prefer velour pads to leather or synthetic.
Stax Lambdas are easy to forget you're wearing. They're incredibly light because they don't have any magnets.
Philips Fidelio X2 is the most comfortable I've ever worn. The K7XX is a close second...
Phillips Shp9500, most comfy open backs I've worn. You can get them for under $100USD
You might think this is a joke but I would say my Sentey ThorX
Hifiman Edition S are quite comfortable, advertised as on-ear but definitely over-ear. The band is nicely padded and well arched, there might be a bit of clamping force with initial usage but it definitely adjusts over time.
Bose has one of the most comfortable headphones I've tried, but their sound and build quality is horrendous. Other than that, I have to say that the most comfortable ones I've tried are the dt770s and the hd650s.
HD5xx/HD6xx, X1/X2, SHP9500 on my top list HD700 little tight clamp, TH900 little heavy. But still very good. Q701 has bumps on head band causing me headache, maybe K7xx is better (I don't have it).
For pure comfort I wear Bose AE2. I have very sensitive ears to the point that I can't wear on-ear or in-ear, so I haven't found anything more comfortable then the Bose.
The AKG-K7XX from Massdrop is very good. Big soft over-ear memory foam cups. However, the most comfortable I have are the Sennheiser HD-700's. Main reason is that the cups are deep so your ears don't touch anything.
For me, it has to the Fostex TH900. The super soft protien leather pads and clamp force of the head band so light it feels like it is hanging on your head instead of griping it. Far and away the most comfortable. If you don't have $1,300 to spend on headphones, the TH600 and THX00 will provide the same level of comfort.
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I am apologizing for disrespecting your belief system. I highly suspect Tyll's reviews as they tend to be very light in actual sound analysis, tends to constantly be at odds with what I've experienced and there is reason to believe his measurements aren't calibrated correctly. He also suggested that I should be banned from SBAF forum for some reason. It's true that the TH900 have a V-shaped signature, but to describe it as "uncomfortable" is just baloney. No other headphones I own (including the HE-6) challenges it in terms of string and wood instrument fidelity.
In terms of technology, the TH900 is well ahead of the TH600 and its various derivatives. They have the same Fostex bio-cellular drivers, but the TH900 has much more power (1.5 v 1.0 Telsa) backing them, premium acoustic wood cups, OFC copper cable, etc. The quality control effort that goes into a very limited production flagship product like the TH900 (mine a double-digit serial number) is a different level compared to cheaper models.
You must be under the mistaken impression that I agree with Tyll simply because he spoke, but my assessment is from first hand experience and just happens to align with his in this case. That being said, I'm nobody so I posted a link.
Citing your ownership of the also screeching HE6 does nothing to sway my assessment, but rather points me to question whether your audio band has some holes, or mine (and Tyll's) has some sensitivities on some high frequencies. Both are equally possible. In the end though, I trust my ears to tell me what sounds right, not a price tag. For instance, I would rate the new Focal Elear well above multiple cans that sell for 2x-3x its asking price.