Jun 28, 2018110 views

DIY Headphone cables

I have been looking into making my own cables for my HD6XX and am wondering what guage of speaker wire I should be looking for. I've found 14 guage pure copper wire for fairly cheap on Amazon but I'm wondering if that's overkill or worth the extra few bucks. My final cable will probably be about 6 ft. in length.

I made one using braided 26AWG works very well I'd definitely recommend braided over solid
If you want on the cheaper end, I usually use striveday cables and 550 paracord.
Well, the most important thing here is shielding rather than guage, but if you wanted to go completely nuts (and are willing to spend about $50), there is a lot of sterling silver wire on amazon in the 20 -28 guage range. Combine that with some paracord, and shrink tube, and you would have some incredibly overkill cables.
Thanks! I'll check that out, since I realized the stock cable wiring is much higher than I thought. I'm thinking of using Paracord nylon casing as extra sheilding, and the 14 guage wire looks like each stand might be a bit too big to fit in the Paracord
14 gauge is HUGE for a headphone cable, but it's your cable in the end. Put whatever you want on it. The last headphone cables I built were 24 AWG, FWIW.