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Do you ride an Electric Skateboard (E-Skate)?

If so tell us about your board and where you ride, if you don't, tell us what board you want to see on Massdrop and we will try to drop it!

Facebook Group Bay Area E-SK8 Crew Below: http://baesk8.club/

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I love the board is smooth and everything! The board is excellent when working properly. It is a blast to ride and I could not imagine a better board exists. first time riding the board and I can’t complain thanks Wowgo
just got a Leif board - worth checking out especially if you're a snowboarder! :) https://leiftech.com/
I really want the SoFlow Flowdeck X, would be the perfect 2nd board. https://so-flow.us/collections/electric-skateboards/products/flowdeck-x
would LOVE to see a boosted board here, like the 2nd Gen Boosted Dual+ SR, it's out of stock now so that feels like a good time for us to get in on a big order to snag a discount
I ride pretty often. My group has a bunch of builders so we ride what they make and sell. Right now I have a 42d pintail with a hobbyking orange motor.
15-20mph is about my safe speed. I use it for grocery shopping, coffee shops, less than 10 mile trips on rough urban terrain.
Im looking at 33" like the pantheon ember and doing 2 small motors and a small battery like 5A50V.
I’m not sure if I’d prefer a longboard or a “mini” board. In suburban Pittsburgh, there’s a few parks but almost no bike paths, often no sidewalks, often shoulders on the roads (but some marble/debris), 35 MPH speed limit roads. Would be cool if someone could weigh in on my concerns!
Longboard Pros: •Fast/able to go on the street with suburban traffic •More shock/bump absorption
concerns: •larger size cumbersome to take on bus/subway (car?) •Unable to take on a plane? •faster speed more dangerous
Mini Board Pros: •Can take with you on a flight? •Easy to take on transportation or not take up space at a restaurant •easy to carry or put on a backpack •Less of a “lifestyle statement”
Cons: •Speeds best for using on the sidewalk? •Feel every crack and block of the riding surface •riding position makes ankles sore faster, so you don’t want to go far even in the best of bike path conditions (?)
I ride a Lectric Legacy from Lectric Longboards, though they dropped it and went all brushless. They're an American company and I believe they do their assembly themselves in Arizona. They're also quite budget friendly. https://lectriclongboards.com/
Let's see a cheap one, and an expensive one so everyone will be able to purchase according to their budget!~
I'd love to get a electric skateboard. I do travel allot on foot so could help out a bit and maybe have some fun. However I just missed the deal on the recent skatebolt and was quite sad about it. Hopeful we can request it back again (It was a 1/3 price discount ;-; such a good deal for real).
I would love to see the Boosted mini
I commute everyday to work on Yuneec's E-GO2 ( single motor, belt driven)...its a hop on and hop off kinda electric skateboard, no helmet needed if you know what I mean.
Enter the SKATEBOLT... and the immediate feeling of wanting a helmet. Its like going from a BMX bike to a 2 stroke 250cc dirt bike. Dual hub motors with gobs and gobs of torque and absolutely no motor resistance when you let off the throttle. It puts a tear in my eye and a smile on my face.

I will be happy with Skatebolt!
More and more boards are showing up at the office! We even set up a charging station with USB ports!
My usual ride is an Evolve Bamboo GT on Abec 107mm Fly Wheel with 38T gears, absolutely love it! I have been testing out the Skatebolt that we recently dropped and I am quite impressed with its speed, torque and range, nearly hangs with my Evolve, nearly haha!
I try to ride every Saturday with the Bay Area E-Skate (BAESK8) crew. The group is usually between 15-30 riders consistently and covers about 10-15 miles total ride with a mid-ride charging stop. All skill level always welcome, pace is set moderately and we never leave anyone behind, come out and join us!